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The Best Story of Oscar Delahoya “The Golden Boy”

He would train at four in the morning before heading to school, like most who make their living by rendering other people senseless, he came from hard circumstances

East Los Angles was notoriously tough crime was just a part of life, they were a poor working-class family, on food stamps his father instructed him in fisticuffs.

Oscar Delahoya was America’s best hope at Olympic gold in boxing.

After Oscar’s triumph for the goodwill games he promised, his mother on her deathbed that he would win the Olympics for her. Oscar Delahoya made a promise to his dying mother that he’d fulfill his dream and bring home Olympic gold, His mother’s dying wish was fulfilled. Oscar returned home to tremendous fanfare. He was the hottest star in the sport, reminiscent of the great Sugar Ray Leonard.

His movie star good looks drew in crowds of teenagers, who swooned for boxing’s newest star.

Oscar Delahoya was a cross-cultural idol, a star unlike anything seen before outside of the heavyweights to cope with his new lifestyle, Oscar turned to alcohol and women.

In his fourth pro fight, he battered Curtis strong until the ring doctor called the fight, celebrities were already attending every Dela Hoya fight, he was the biggest box office draw in boxing. The blazing speed coupled with the power and precision to end any fight at any moment.

Oscar Delahoya was knocked down for the first time in his pro career, but he quickly collected himself, and one in another first round knockout.

Oscar Delahoya loved what being a celebrity brought in, he was seen with new women every other day and of course cocaine.

Oscar Delahoya stepped up in weight to contend for the WBO lightweight title.

The golden boy had become a gold mine.

Against Daryl Tyson, Oscar Delahoya moved up in weight again.

Oscar’s pretty boy persona caused Mexican fans to turn away from him, they felt he was too American and didn’t embrace what it meant to be a Mexican fighter.

The Chavez fight was Oscar’s attempt to change that. Oscar’s first punch opened a cut over Chavez’s eye, Beating and humiliating an aging legend was satisfying to Dela Hoya, the fight lasted four rounds before the ref stopped the fight.

Pernell Whitaker is a boxing legend, and at the time he was the best boxer on the planet, the fight went the distance.

the wind catapulted Dela Hoya into the top pound-for-pound spot in boxing and earned him his fourth title.

Oscar Delahoya spent his fortune in tremendous ways, he opened a cancer research center in his mother’s name; a charter school, Oscar’s fans were notoriously enthusiastic.

Oscar Delahoya destroyed Hector Macho Camacho, winning every round from start to finish.

His knockout ways returned against Wilfredo Rivera.

Boxing experts seemed certain; Oscar Delahoya would reign atop the boxing world for a long time. By this time Oscar had been drinking daily for seven or eight years, he was also using cocaine regularly, all this while he rolled over opponent after opponent.

Oscar Delahoya would take on fellow undefeated champion Felix Trinidad, the fight brought out all the celebrities, by most accounts Oscar Delahoya won the first nine rounds easily. Regardless, the fight was a lackluster one.

After making quick work of Daryl Coley, Oscar Delahoya faced off with Sugar Shane Mosley, this was perhaps both Oscar and sugar Shane’s greatest fight. Both men went forward determined to stay aggressive, it thrilled the fans and brought a new level of respect for both fighters.

The new thing was for fighters to question Oscar’s heritage, Fernando Vargas called Oscar Delahoya a fake Mexican, questioning Dela Hoya’s toughness. The golden boy is golden once again, He savaged Vargas.

A stormy few months saw Oscar’s entire world change, he changed his trainer once again and left his promoter Bob Arum, his wife left him. It’s never a good sign when fighters start recording CDs, it’s impossible for Oscar’s lifestyle not to cause physical erosion over time, meanwhile all of this occurred,

While Oscar Delahoya was stepping up in weight to take on Bernard Hopkins in a battle for the undisputed middleweight championship, The size difference was evident, he was knocked out for the first time in his career.

Oscar Delahoya was now a big name with fading skills, the perfect opponent for Floyd Mayweather. Mayweather’s win over Dela Hoya, earned him his sixth title and smashed pay-per-view records. Oscar Delahoya made a fight of it, but Mayweather won the split decision.

Oscar Delahoya had been the biggest earner of his generation, Manny Pacquiao jumped up two weight classes to fight Oscar Delahoya, who is a natural welterweight. Later, Oscar DelaHoya would say of Manny: “he was the greatest boxer i ever faced”.

His boxing story is one of incredible success and self-destruction.

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