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Sugar Ray Leonard’s Career

As the rings most charismatic figure began a slow fade into the twilight of his luminous career the young Sugar Ray Leonard dreamed of following in the footsteps his lightweight  idol.

Sugar Ray Leonard’s career began from the United States, he was a popular favorite here so far young man from the Washington DC area of palmer Park Maryland, early on it was very clear there was something special with Sugar Ray Leonard.

Ray Charles Leonard was born 40 years ago in Wilmington north Carolina and boxing was literally the only way he could find to get out of the ghetto, he says he’s just someone who never could up a good fight ever since the 1976 Olympics where he pummeled a Cuban to win the gold medal for the United States, great fight thought it would be his last fight.

All of sudden Sugar Ray Leonard is the people’s choice and I tell you everywhere he goes the man commands a crowd.

He wanted to go to college but with both parents ill, he decided that a boxing career was a financial necessity, his father spinal meningitis and tuberculosis, he was nearly three days and to watch on home.

After his success at the Olympics Leonard wanted to go to the college however, his father became ill, his family needed money.

He formed the team to continue his boxing education janks morton meet Dave Jacobs his trainer and Angelo Dundee his manager.

It must be a little different fighting for his parents survival. His family was really down and out and he felt it was his obligation to really help him.

Sugar Ray Leonard had the ability, he was agreeable to white America and not only just black America. Sugar Ray Leonard was smooth he just understood how to work the ring in the end, how to make it look super easy.

He have told people all over the world that Bruce Lee was one of his idols he could generate so much speed and velocity.

In the early stages of his career he was criticized quit often because people felt that he was being moved along too quickly.

One writer called him a combination of Madison avenue main street and Marvel comics as predicted Leonard began a steady march toward greatness.

In 1979 Sugar Ray’s most impressive performance to date took place when he knocked out Pete Ranzany in four rounds to win North American boxing Federation welterweight championship.

Many fans and some critics felt Leonard had a media creation. Unlike other boxers Leonard did not sign a long-term contract with a single boxing promoter.

After result Leonard fights were either broadcast on NBC CBN HBO or ABC. This wide exposure gained Leonard a tremendous following in America and around the world it also generated resentment amongst some fans reporters and boxers.

Right Now of Sugar Ray Leonard career it was obvious to everyone that Leonard was ready to battle for the championship that’s when he signed to meet undefeated Wilfred Benitez for the WBC world welterweight Title, it was a battle of unbeaten when Sugar Ray Leonard an Olympic gold medalist challenged Wilfred Benitez for the WBC welterweight championship on November 30th of 1979.

Sugar Ray Leonard soared to a welterweight world championship in only three years confirming his arrival as boxing’s face of the future.

Roberto Duran challenging Sugar Ray Leonard:

Duran was the most macho fighter in boxing, those demonic black coal eyes. After a barrage of punches from Duran, Sugar stay still stays flat-footed with him … Roberto won the fight by a narrow but unanimous decision, with scores of 146-144, 148-147 and 145-144.

It was the first loss in Sugar Ray Leonard’s career.

After days, he called his trainer and he said: “I want to fight Roberto Duran again as soon as possible”. The rematch happened just five months after the first fight.

He was using his footwork and speed never really got a stroke. The most famous fates in boxing history, I think everyone remembers a bolo punch in the wind and up the right hand and hitting them with a left hook… Hands of stone turned back on Leonard and uttered the infamous words: “no mas”, he quit the fight, we are talking about quitting in the center of the ring, that’s the worst way that you can quit.

And it was the first revenge in Sugar Ray Leonard’s career.

By 1980 the boxing world hat tow welterweight title holders Thomas the hitman Hearns and Sugar Ray Leonard. Thomas remain Leonard’s last barrier to greatness. That fight was the most important fight of his professional boxing career.

By the end of the 12th round Hearns had boxed his way back to a significant lead on all three judges scorecards, with three round remaining Leonard’s legacy was on the line.

Leonard won by a stoppage.

The title greatest ever was within his grasp, when training for about the spring of 1982, he suffered a detached retina of the left eye.

The five years it was a dream fight brought only in imagination, a fight cut down in its prime like Sugar Ray Leonard by injury, a violent dance undead. So now Sugar Ray Leonard faces a new challenge, millions of Americans are wondering why a wealthy young man would risk the precious sense of sight to achieve a historical greatness, many believe he is already record.

Does Sugar Ray Leonard actually have a shot at beating Marvin Hagler ? Beams it out here the felling is everybody wants Leonard to win of course with the exception of the new England contingent. You have to wager $370 on Marvin to win $100, basically he is better than a three and half to one favorite.

It’s almost impossible to conceive of somebody coming back at this level after a virtual five years and fifty days layoff. It was like I go into my hanging and people thinking we’re learners not go to win this fight.

Leonard claim before this fight “I’m unique, and if you get the decision that will be confirmed”. He became the new middleweight champion of the world by defeating Hagler by split decision.

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