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Manny Pacquiao: Best Story of The Greatest Boxer of All Time

It was 1995 in the Philippines, when a 17-year-old Manny Pacquiao entered the ring for his first professional contest, spending six years fighting in his native land, in 2001 Pacquiao made his American debut.

Nearly 25 years later, this seven-weight world champion is busy enhancing his extraordinary boxing legacy, with money spinning mega fights still on the horizon we revisit some of Manny Pacquiao’s best career wins in this first edition of a look back.

Pacquiao announced himself to an American audience with a scintillating dismantling of South Africa’s IBF super bantamweight King Ludd Wobba.

Pacquiao immediately put the HBO commentary team on notice, with Larry Merchant admitting he had never seen the Filipino fight before, but was eager to see more.

By this point competing as an established world champion with four defenses of the IBF title under his belt, Pacquiao faced his first acid test.

Pacquiao once again dominated behind the southpaw jab straight left hand, cut busted and bruised Marco Antonio Barrera was compassionately withdrawn by his corner team near the end of the 11th round.

Veteran Erik Morales posted his last great performance by blunting the youthful vibrancy of Pacquiao in their first meeting, the terrible was unable to return to the well in the rematch is Pacquiao speed once again played havoc with an opponent.

Gutsy Morales had been beaten before but never stopped, and certainly never the recipient of such a sustained beating.

The victory was near the start of a phenomenal seven-year 15 fight winning streak, that elevated Pacquiao into boxing greatness.

Resuming hostilities after a thrilling draw four years previous Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez would go on to box four times. The majority of the rounds would be extremely tight and evenly matched, Manny Pacquiao had dropped the Mexican three times in the first round of their initial meeting, he repeated the trick once in the third round here, Marquez fought back strongly Pacquiao was cut but held on for a split decision success.

After pushing Floyd Mayweather close and dominating Steve Forbes veteran Oscar Delahoya drained his body when moving back down to welterweight, insisting he could keep retirement at bay for a little longer, lackluster and listless clearly lacking the sharpness of his prime, Oscar was second best for a large percentage of the contest. It was making for uncomfortable viewing following a torrid eight the Dela Hoya corner retired their man.

Dela Hoya refocused this attention on promoting and never returned to the ring again.

UK hero Ricky Hatton, shook off a turbulent training camp to take on red-hot Pacquiao in Las Vegas. Patent had only lost once to Floyd Mayweather JR, and employed Floyd’s father to try and solve the Pacquiao conundrum.

Displaying his familiar rapid hand speed, Manny Pacquiao blasted a left hand across Hatton’s chin in the second session, that put the Manchester man to sleep, his Pacquiao marked a super lightweight debut and supreme style.

Another top-quality operator who couldn’t handle the intense bursts of the pound-for-pound number one, Miguel Cotto‘s stayed competitive for as long as he could manage, The Puerto Rican was knocked to the canvas by a right hand in the third round.

Compassionate referee Kenny Bayless saved him with just minutes remaining at the bow.

A year after deconstructing Antonio Margarito’s archrival Miguel Cotto, Manny Pacquiao was busy doing the same to the gangly Mexico.

boxing up at a super welterweight catch weight of 150, was a remarkable feat in itself for a man who started off at light flyweight. Pacquiao made a mockery of all the size discrepancies to take home the vacant WBC crown after 12 rounds of a one-sided, highly disciplined box and move strategy.

After WBO welterweight champion, Timothy Bradley won a highly controversial points win over Manny Pacquiao in 2012, the Filipino icon vowed revenge, following a rust shedding beat-down of Brandon Rios in Macau, Pacquiao got his chance to right the Bradley wrong.

The unbeaten Californian fought hard in this Las Vegas rematch, but was mostly outmaneuvered by a resurgent pac-man.

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