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Lennox Lewis: The Greatest British Boxer of all Time !

For 10 years, “The Greatest British Boxer of all time” Lennox Lewis was an integral part of the world heavyweight scene, described as risk averse by some, working hard to earn the respect of American TV broadcasters and audiences.

Lewis defeated every man that was set in front of him, his record includes multiple world title defenses and only two defeats, both of which were avenged in rematches.

Having boxing sage Imanuel Steward guiding him from the corner, Lewis was able to neutralize opponents, negate their strengths with his world-class left jab and go in for the kill, using right hands and uppercuts when necessary.

A keen chess player. Lewis was a thinking fighter, a calm strategist in and out of the ring, but when the time came to get his hands dirty, he was able to fight in the trenches as well. He stood and fought the best of his generation, and came out on top as an undisputed champion.

After almost 17 years since his last professional bout, we take a look back at the destructive power of Lewis.

Lennox Lewis vs Mike Weaver

After cementing his place as the main man on the British and European scene, The Greatest British Boxer of all time was offered a stateside assignment against an experienced former world champion. Mike Weaver tried to find an opening for his right hand, but it was Lewis’s own crushing right, that left the American flat on his back and out in round six.

Lennox Lewis vs Donovan Ruddock

Boxing and an eliminator for Riddick Bowe’s WBC title, the greatest british boxer of all time and Donovan Ruddock clashed in London for a shot at the big time. Once a touted prospect ruddock had lost three times, but was installed as the betting favorite. Lennox Lewis made a statement by ripping up the odds, and sending the visitor packing with loss number four, dropped late in round one, and twice more in round two, Ruddock was simply blasted away by a rampant lose.

Lennox Lewis vs Frank Bruno

The rain lashed down on cardiff’s national stadium, as thousands of fans braved the elements to watch two heavyweight rivals battle for domestic supremacy, Lewis was defending his WBC strap against big punching UK hero Frank Bruno. Referee mickey vann toiled to keep the bout honest, as Bruno racked up points off his jab in the early going.

Suddenly a patient Lewis hurt his man and had him on the retreat, right hands and uppercuts turned Frank into a stationary target, and van called off the assault in round seven.

Lennox Lewis vs Justin Fortune

Tough Justin Fortune was not in Lennox Lewis’s class, and the greatest british boxer of all time made short work of the aussie in their Dublin showcase bout. Carving Fortune up off the jab, Lennox Lewis landed three consecutive uppercuts on the chin of his minuscule opponent, the referee waved it straight off.

Lennox Lewis vs Tommy Morrison

Much like his life outside the ring, most fights involving Tommy Morrison were a wild ride, his 1995 clash with Lennox Lewis proved no exception. Morrison had been scheduled to fight Lennox Lewis for a bumper WBC title tilt in 1994, before being knocked out by Underdog Michael bent in a huge heavyweight Chakra. The greatest british boxer of all time floored the duke four times in total, as referee Mills Lane saved a-busted-up Morrison from further punishment in the sixth.

Lennox Lewis vs Andrew Golota

Whenever erratic Polish heavyweight Andrew Golota entered the ring, few knew what was about to take place, fighting after back-to-back disqualification losses to Lewis’s archrival Riddick Bowe. Golota was rightly viewed as a very real threat to Lennox Lewis in this Atlantic city pay-per-view. The greatest british boxer of all time made a mockery of those projections, smashing Golola to pieces inside the very First round.

Lennox Lewis vs Shannon Briggs

Long before he spent his time crashing press conferences and chasing world champions across the world, Shannon Briggs was a worthy contender and legitimate threat to top level operations.

Making the third defense of his WBC title, Lewis and his challenger excited a raucous crowd of nearly 10 000, as they met in the center of the ring to duke it out. Briggs early success waned as the bout progressed, and Lewis took control, the cannon was shot down in the fifth round after swinging himself off balance.

Lennox Lewis vs Michael Grant

Picked by some as the next great American hope at heavyweight, Michael Grant could certainly punch unfortunately for the likable big man even though he matched Lewis for size, Grant had never faced anyone on this level before. The greatest british boxer of all time bombarded the challenger with three first-round knockdowns. Grant made it to the second session, but his future potential was brutally shattered by a Lenox right uppercut.

Lennox Lewis vs Oliver McCall

Returning to fight in the UK for the first time since his shock KO lost to Oliver McCall in 1994, Lewis was never likely to suffer any trouble from France both at. The south African was solid and capable, but placed down in the rankings for a reason and Lewis was an overwhelming favor. Wary of his opponent’s quick hands, Lewis softened both up with his left jab, before finishing the self-styled white buffalo with a crunching combination in round two.

Lennox Lewis vs Hasim Rahman

Following his shock loss to Hasim Rahman in South Africa, Lewis was determined to reclaim his WBC and IBF titles, and stated that the American had simply got his belts on loan.

Rahman was forcibly made to hand back those straps in Las Vegas, as a focus Lewis erased the ghosts of April 2001 with a dominant display. While Rahman’s first fight finisher may have been a lucky punch, there was nothing lucky about the thumping right hand Lennox landed on him in round four of the rematch.

Lennox Lewis vs Mike Tyson

It took a few years to finally get these two heavyweight behemoths in the same ring, but despite being at an advanced age of their respective careers. When Lewis and Tyson shared a ring the world was watching in anticipation. Could Tyson be able to conjure up the powers that once made him such a destructive force one last time?

The Londoner wrote out a rough start to outbox Tyson, and chop him down with a classic right hand in the eighth round.

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