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Best Story of Roberto Duran Story (Hands of Stone)

Roberto Duran (Hands of stone), acknowledged by most to be the greatest lightweight division in boxing history, he was a terror who intimidated opponents with Sheer Machismo, an intimidator who snatched souls like Shang Tsung.

Turing the boxing as a means to earn a living, Duran had to carry stones in his pockets in order to make the 127 featherweight when he debuted at age 16. Born in the Slums of Panama, Duran and his family ran the streets day and night, shining shoes and selling papers to get by.

Despair and poverty have a way of forging our greatest warriors. Nothing creates a hunger for succeed like a hunger to eat.

He was nicknamed Hands of Stone early in his career for obvious reasons. His aggressive crowd-pleasing style made him an instant star in Panama.

In first title shot, Duran would take on fellow legend Ken Buchanan in New York city, he was back in New York to fight lightweight champion Ken Buchanan. He battered the champion over 12 rounds, Buchanan collapsed at the end of the round and the fight was stopped.

Roberto Duran was now the boxing lightweight champion of the world at just 21 years old. He was celebrated as a hero upon his return to Panama.

Roberto Duran began a reign of dominance over the boxing lightweight division, that would last five years.

One Knockout after another. Propelled by a fury unlike few have ever possessed, Duran ran his record up to an astonishing 82 wins.

His first loss was to Esteban De Jesus, at last Duran would get a chance to avenge that loss. Esteban dropped Duran in the first round, Duran would have to dig deep to overcome his rifle, he knocked Jesus out in Panama outdoors.

Roberto Duran lived over the lightweight division for five years as an undisputed champion. He defended his title 12 times, accumulating a record of 62-1 with 54 wins coming by way of knockout. His fights were must-see events in Panama, where he was revered as a hero. With every spectacular KO his star rose.

The entire boxing world wanted to witness the famed hands of stone.

Ortiz was viewed as a real threat to Duran, a skilled southpaw who was known for his toughness. Duran bullied him.

Grudge match with Esteban De Jesus was set, a final fight to settle the rival once and for all. A poignant side story to this rivalry was how close these two warriors were. Jesus died of AIDS at a time when the disease was shrouded in misinformation., Duran lovingly embraced his greatest rivel and told him he was always be the champ.

Roberto was now struggling to make the 135 weight, he began ballooning between fights.

Despite his historic reign, Duran was still relatively low paid, if Duran wanted to make millions he would need to move up to welterweight and take on bigger names. In the crowd, Sugar Ray Leonard witnessed Duran taking more shots than normal, sparking the idea that Duran was vulnerable. Leonard saw a chance to knockout Duran because Duran was slower at the higher weight. Leonard knew that knocking out the famed hands of stone would do for his reputation.

Duran was training like he hadn’t been here. Truly motivated by a real challenge Hands of stone was ready. In Panama the entire country watched their hero, it would be a historical clash. Most of the world believed Duran would be outmatched against Sugar Ray Leonard at welterweight.

Leonard stood in front of Duran looking to put him down, but Duran built his legend by standing in the pocket, what ensued was a back-and-forth war. Two icons of the boxing at peak of their powers, when they talk about great fights, this is what i see. There was no doubt who had taken the knife.

Hands of Stone defeated the previously undefeated Sugar Ray Leonard to become the welterweight champion of the world.

Unable to pass up the massive payday, Duran took a fight he knew he couldn’t properly prepare for. This time Leonard danced. preying on Duran’s lack of conditioning, Leonard made a joke of the fight, he showboated and mocked Hands of Stone. As the fight progressed Duran knew he was simply in no shape to fight.

The infamous moment … No mas

Angry at being made to look the fool, Duran uttered the famous words and quit. It was a stain on Duran’s character, even his own countrymen, turned against him.

This think of No mas still hung over Duran when he challenged the unbeaten WBA 154 champion Davey Moore. It was less of a fight and more of a therapeutic release for Duran. All of the anger No mas was unleashed on the unsuspecting champion Davey Moore.

The spectacular win put Duran in back in the limelight. This prompted the marvelous one to give Duran a title shot.

A fight no one gave Duran any chance in.

Duran was well out of his natural weight class and was now wading into some deep water against the far bigger Marvin Hagler. Marvin was an action boxer  who never ran from back and forth exchanges. For the substantially smaller Duran, to go the distance with this beast during the height of his reign was simply remarkable.

The strong showing in the Hagler fight, prompted another big day for Duran against Thomas the hitman Hearns, Duran had never been Knocked out.

Hearns was 25 and in his prime, Duran was 33 and well over his natural weight class. Hearns won by KO; the knockout seemed like the end.

At age 38, Duran took a fight against the WBC middleweight champion, the Blade Iran Barkley, the blade had just demolished Tommy Hearns. Many suspected this fight would be the final nail in the coffin of Duran’s career, it appeared his glory days were long gone.

It was a back and forth war, the crowd erupted into a frenzy, Duran absorbed everything the champ had. Seemingly impervious to pain, Duran’s greatness carried him through Barkley’s onslaught.

Despite the heroic effort from Duran, it appeared Barkley was just too young and too much for the aging legend, hands of stone.

When Barkley was close to winning with a knockout, hands of stone exploded into a furious combination, the knockdown shook the convention.

At the fight ended, the cards were tight, but Duran statement finish positioned him for history. He was once again world champion.

Roberto Duran continued fighting for many more years, ultimately finishing with a record of 103 wins 16 defeats and 70 knockouts.

Considered by many to be the greatest boxing lightweight ever.

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